1. Live Rooms and playlists

We offer a variety of themed music that you can enjoy in your everyday life. In Live Rooms, all users can simultaneously enjoy the same music and communicate with each other through chat rooms. The playlists, consisting of diverse themes, provide streaming music that you can enjoy as a soundtrack for your daily activities, according to your preferences and mood.

2. MIN POINT Earning

Listeners earn MIN POINTs based on the duration (in minutes) they listen to music in Live Rooms or playlists. The accumulated MIN POINTs can be used to open Mystery Boxes. Listeners can earn up to 60 MIN POINTs per day, and any MIN POINTs accumulated within a day will expire at midnight (UTC) every day. This mechanism is designed to encourage active participation in the ecosystem and control inflation by actively using MIN POINTs.

3. Open the Mystery Box

Every day, users receive six Mystery Boxes. Users can spend their accumulated MIN POINTs to open these boxes, which have a certain probability of containing $BLB rewards. In the future, Mystery Boxes will also include various NFTs and vouchers.

4. Daily Bonus

Users are given three opportunities every day to participate in the Daily Bonus. By watching advertisements, listeners can earn additional $BLB rewards. A portion of the ad revenue is used for $BLB burning costs. In the future, there are plans to upgrade the system to provide more diverse ways to earn and burn $BLB.

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