An ultimate and innovative MusicFi platform
TRACKS is the MusicFi Streaming Platform with a Listen-And-Earn concept where users receive token rewards ($BLB) every day just by listening to music with NFT headphones. Once listeners get $BLB tokens as rewards they can send them back to musicians for listening to music to musicians and contr ibute to the activation of the Web 3.0 music platform by spending tokens on various things in the LABEL ecosystem. Musicians register their songs on TRACKS and earn rewards through tokens given by users.
TRACKS will provide rewards for listening to music, which is even easier than walking or playing games. This will bring more users into the LABEL ecosystem, and provide musicians with a new transparent and advanced music distribution market based on the blockchain.

Getting Started

A. Download the TRACKS App and sign up with an email address.
B. Users must purchase or rent an NFT Headphone (refer to 3.2.).
C. Link the wallet to purchase an NFT Headphone from the TRACKS App.
D. e BNB coin required to purchase an NFT Headphone is transferred to the In-App Wallet.
E. Select and purchase one of NFT Headphones from the In-App Marketplace.
F. Users also can purchase NFT Headphones or Boxes containing random NFT Headphones at the LABEL NFT Marketplace
Note: After purchasing NFT on other marketplaces please transfer them to your In-App Wallet to be able to use it.

NFT-FI: Headphone Rental system (Expected Q1 2023 update)

Easy-to-use In-App wallet will be available withing the LABEL Foundation ecosystem so users can interact with the smart contract without a complex set of steps which include transferring an asset from an exchange and etc.
More details will be updated later.