NFT Marketplace

The NFT marketplace was launched as an open beta on October 7, 2022, but it is currently undergoing upgrades. It is expected to be updated in the future.
LABEL supports the issuance of NFTs within the WEB 3.0 music platform ecosystem and enables the trading of these NFTs. It will review and gradually introduce validated business models in the music industry such as music content trading, NFT trading, concert tickets, digital merchandise, and NFT artwork to expand the platform. This will further enhance the creative activities of musicians participating in the LABEL WEB 3.0 music platform ecosystem. Users of the TRACKS App will be able to purchase various musician NFTs that are both interesting and have high investment value using the rewarded tokens.


NFTs, which will be newly launched in the LABEL WEB 3.0 music platform ecosystem, will first be sold on the NFT Marketplace through Launchpad. Various NFTs related to TRACKS, IPs of OPENTRACK/TRACKS registered content, and various NFTs of partner musicians will be released.

Secondary Marketplace

The secondary marketplace will be a marketplace that supports secondary transactions of NFTs sold at Launchpad. Buyers can choose to sell by auction or at a fixed price. $LBL, $BLB, and $BNB will be supported.
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