OPENTRACK is a platform that is rapidly growing globally as a MOOC service in the E&M field. Professional musicians from the USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, and Australia have participated as partners.
LABEL 2.0 will support OPENTRACK's $LBL / $BLB payment system. $LBL and $BLB acquired through TRACKS can be spent. It will be a platform to help users who want to change from listeners to musicians.

Musician Incubating

Through an incubation program for OPENTRACK users, we will support TRACKS music registration and onboarding to the NFT Marketplace. Through this, it will play a role as a new alternative market for potential musicians and create a virtuous cycle in the LABEL Web 3.0 music platform ecosystem. Details will be updated later.

NFT Certification

NFT certification will be provided to OPENTRACK certification program graduates. Various benefits such as being linked to Web 3.0 music platform incubation will be provided to certification graduates. Details will be updated later.