In today's digital era, musician-centric traditional music streaming services have become significant barriers for users worldwide. The monthly subscription fees ranging from $5 to $10 pose considerable obstacles for those who want to enjoy music. A substantial portion of the streaming service costs is allocated to musician royalties, with approximately 80% going to the top 5% of superstar musicians. This imbalance has prevented many people from accessing music in a legitimate manner, making it inaccessible for them.
Fortunately, a new music consumption pattern has emerged in the streaming era. They seek the "everyday BGM," music that seamlessly integrates into their daily lives, enhancing their work, study, and relaxation experiences. These new generation music enthusiasts desire a variety of music that suits their moods and purposes, without relying on expensive tracks from superstars.
In response to these changing dynamics, TRACKS aims to redefine the music streaming industry. Our platform liberates users from the barriers imposed by existing streaming services by offering a curated collection of music specifically tailored to everyday BGM. Additionally, we strive to eliminate the cost barrier faced by music enthusiasts worldwide through rewarding listener participation on the platform.
As the number of listeners steadily increases with the introduction of everyday BGM and a robust infrastructure, a solid revenue structure that benefits both musicians and listeners is formed. Within this vibrant ecosystem, listeners gain access to a diverse range of music that aligns with their preferences and moods. They can explore and discover new artists, genres, and curated playlists. Their participation is rewarded through various mechanisms that actively contribute to the growth of the ecosystem.
Musicians find a supportive environment to showcase their talent, reach global audiences, and effectively monetize their creations. By embracing the platform, musicians gain opportunities for visibility, recognition, and connecting with a fan base. Fair and transparent revenue distribution ensures that their artistic efforts receive appropriate compensation.
Together, we have the power to reshape the music streaming industry and unlock a world of possibilities for music enthusiasts worldwide. Let's embark on this amazing journey of enjoying music and improving everyday life together.
Last modified 7mo ago