Music-Fi System

Earning Mechanism

The Listen-And-Earn mechanism represents an action where a user equipped with NFT Headphone listens to music and gets rewards in $BLB tokens. Once a user starts listening to music the battery of the headphones starts decreasing and the user receives tokens for each listened minute depending on the attributes of their Headphones. (Details will be updated later.)

Energy System

Users with equipped NFT headphones will have a battery life that is used while listening to music. The battery is one of the essential indicators of the Listen-And-Earn mechanism as it shows how many token rewards users will get per minute. Depending on how many NFT headphones the user has, battery amounts are distributed. The user's battery recovers at a certain rate until the max limit is reached. (More details will be updated later.)

Cap System

To sustain of token stability LABEL Foundation team has limited the amount of energy and tokens a player can obtain per day. This is a mechanism to regulate token inflation and includ es the Daily Energy Cap and the Daily Token Cap. (More details will be updated later.)

Mystery Box System

The mystery box is a sudden airdrop to the luckiest users of the LABEL Foundation. When a user listens to music with the TRACKS App, a mystery box will be dropped based on a certain probability depending on the Luck attribute of the Headphone. $BLB is needed to open the mystery box. Mystery boxe s may contain stickers or a certain amount of $LBL or $BLB tokens. (More details will be updated later.)

Enhancement System

The enhancement system synthesizes several Headphones and strengthens them into higher-grade Headphones. (More details will be updated later.)

Music Register & Earnings

All details regarding the music registering process and earnings will be disclosed later

In-App Marketplace (Update Scheduled)

The Marketplace is where users can rent, lease, buy, or sell Headphones, Headphone Boxes, and Stickers. A simple filter and sort feature will be available at the Marketplace for easy navigation.


All details regarding the boombox will be disclosed later.


Details will be updated later.


Details will be updated later.