User scenario

Application Case #1: Investor’s Perspective

Private investor A is professionally interested in music, therefore he is consistently looking for information for producing and investing in relevant pieces of course content. Investor A is looking for the course content that he can participate in by investing small amounts of funds. Investor A hears news about the LABEL platform that can attract investments in various course content and even distribute those courses to third-party platforms. Investor A decides to participate in the investment process to support the production of the content of L lecture on LABEL platform. The content of the L Course, which completed the investment fundraising within a week, will be issued as an NFT, that will reflect the NFT Equity Ratio accordingly. Let’s assume that Investor A holds about 5% of shares in that NFT. Thus, Investor A will be able to check the content ROI of L Course according to his NFT Equity Ratio on the LABEL platform in real time and receive his LBL tokens respective to the attributable amount of generated profits. Moreover, A investor can also purchase other NFTs from NFT-Market in search of content that is worth investing in on the LABEL platform

Application Case #2: Partner’s Perspective

In the case that L Course is distributed on the partner’s platform

The content of L Course is provided by Distributor B on the LABEL platform. They also form a strategic alliance with the LABEL platform to receive fees for the distribution of the pieces of content cultivated inside of LABEL. Thus, the content of L Course is further distributed by “B”. Distributor B receives API linkage from the LABEL team and applies it to their platform for the distribution of L Course according to their affiliate contract. Through this, Distributor B will be able to receive distribution fees from the LABEL platform. Meanwhile, all profits from L Course content are transferred to the LABEL team and distributed to the original L Course content NFT holders through the LABEL settlement system.

In the case that Distributor B sells their own course content on the NFT Market

Since Distributor B has formed an alliance with LABEL, he will receive an opportunity to tokenize (as an NFT) existing lecture content to enable equity transactions in the NFT Market. Through this, Distributor B's existing lecture content will be tokenized, registered and sold in LABEL’s NFT Market. “B” receives API from the LABEL team and earns profits from the sale of their tokenized lecture content. Depending on the NFT equity structure of the course content sold, stakeholders will be allocated profit in LBL tokens according to the LABEL settlement system.

Application Case #3: Instructor’s and Producer’s Perspective

Producer C and Instructor D meet on the LABEL platform to produce L Course content. They plan the content for the course, its production schedule, and even how shares of the content of L Course will be divided. Producer C and Instructor D calculate that 30% of their total shares need to be liquidated in order to produce content for L Course. As a result, they initiate a fund to collect the resources needed to produce content for L course as planned on the LABEL platform. Distributor B has a fixed stake in L Course content according to its partnership contract. Then, the LABEL platform creates and distributes NFTs based on the shares of Investor A, Distributor B, Producer C, and Instructor D as investment in the content for L Course was successfully completed. Producer C and Instructor D can transparently check the profits generated by their L Course content on the LABEL platform, and receive profits from the LABEL settlement system in the form of LBL tokens.

Application Case #4: Learner's Perspective

Learner E purchases and studies the content of L Course from Distributor B. Learner E, who thought the content of L Course was of great help, recommends L Course to others and promotes it on his social media. Learner E receives LBL tokens from the LABEL platform based on their promotional contributions. Learner E, who collected LBL tokens by promoting lecture content, is now able to to pay for and attend more courses on the LABEL platform. If Learner E leaves evaluations and reviews of the newly taken lectures, they can receive even more LBL tokens as a reward.

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