C. NFT Market

The NFT Market is a place for trading NFTs generated by Incubating. The NFTs generated in Incubating are kept in private wallets, and NFT owners can trade NFTs for his or her shares at the NFT Market. Through NFT transactions, investors who do not participate in Incubating can still own shares in the content and receive returns corresponding to their amount of shares. NFTs are transmitted using smart contracts, and shares can easily be traded without a separate contract.

In addition to NFT Equity for content, NFT items of famous artists can be classified and traded. NFT items are rare digital assets representing artists and will be sold at the NFT Market.

The NFT Market also provides NFT P2P trading functions between NFT sellers and users. ETH and stablecoins will be used for NFT transactions, and users who contribute to the activation of the transaction will be compensated with LBL tokens.

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