Token Distribution

1) Development (25%):

At 25% of the total, 750,000,000 LBL tokens are allocated for development. They will be used to develop lecture content, the incubating system, the NFT Market, smart contracts with excellent scalability, and the DAO mechanism.

2) Marketing (25%):

At 25% of the total, 750,000,000 LBL tokens are allocated for marketing. They will be used for strategic marketing activities such as airdrops and promotional activities, and to cover marketing operating costs for various advertising activities performed by the LABEL team.

3) Sales (20%):

Seed Round (6.67%): 200,000,000 LBL Allocated TGE: 10% Unlocked 12 Months Linear Vesting

Strategic Round (6.67%): 200,000,000 LBL Allocated TGE: 10% Unlocked 10 Months Linear Vesting

Private Round (5%): 150,000,000 LBL Allocated TGE: 15% Unlocked 8 Months Linear Vesting

Public Sale [IEO / IDO] (1.67%): 50,000,000 LBL Allocated TGE: 40% Unlocked 3 Months Linear Vesting

4) Ecosystem (15%) :

At 15% of the total, 450,000,000 LBL tokens are allocated for the ecosystem. They are used for establishing the ecosystem with things like business development, partnership establishment, and introducing new LBL token use cases. Bonuses will also be provided to ecosystem participants. Some tokens may later be allocated differently after the launch of the DAO Funds in the future.

5) Reserve (7%)

Reserve tokens are specially allocated for emergencies, disruptions to development and marketing plans, and to supplement financial resources.

210,000,000 LBL tokens (7% of the total) are allocated to reserves. If it is determined that reserve tokens are not necessary, they can be used by the DAO Funds to provide incentives to users or be burned.

6) Team (5%):

At 5% of the total, 150,000,000 LBL tokens are assigned to the team. They will be allocated to the founder and early team members, and the team's token vesting is scheduled to begin 12 months after TGE.

7) Advisors (3%):

At 3% of the total, 90,000,000 LBL tokens are allocated to the advisors. In the process of specific R&D for technology development, additional advisors may also be assigned in the future as technology consultants or to help with business expansion.

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