A. Content

LABEL provides an environment where content producers can freely make profits from MOOC services. Starting with the E&M field, we will build infrastructure so that experts from various industries can participate on the LABEL platform. One of the key functions of LABEL is to provide educational content. LABEL provides both self-produced content and content created through partnerships with other platforms. In order to provide various content until decentralization is complete, we will enthusiastically partner with other platforms. Until the platform is fully activated, experts from the E&M field as well as various other industries will participate in the LABEL platform, and incubated content will continuously be provided.

The content provided by LABEL will be managed according to the subscription policies below:

Free Subscription Service

When users first sign up, they can use the free coupon located in their account to subscribe to content for free. Free content coupons will be given upon initial subscription. After that, users can obtain additional free vouchers by writing reviews about the content they used or by promoting LABEL through social media or in other communities. In addition, they can earn additional points by contributing to the LABEL ecosystem, such as by participating in various events.

Users can subscribe to content for a certain period of time by making payments with LBL tokens from their accounts. Depending on how much the user is charged, the period during which content can be consumed varies. Profits are allocated to the owner in proportion to the amount of time a consumer spends on each piece of content during the period in which the user has the right to view the content. Tokens paid by users every month are calculated and sent once a month to the IP owner of the NFT content.

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