LABEL Token ($LBL)

LABEL ($LBL) - based on BEP-20 / ERC-20 is governance, staking and utility token

LABEL tokens ($LBL) are utility and governance tokens that can be used in various ways for the growth of the LABEL ecosystem. LBL tokens exist both on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum Network, bridged through the MultiBaas bridge, used to build the basic token ecosystem for payment, staking, and governance on the LABEL platform.

LABEL is a blockchain-based, NFT, copyright fee-sharing platform that is built so that ecosystem members such as instructors, learners, and investors can contribute to and benefit from the ecosystem. LABEL token holders can get rewards by staking tokens and participating in major governance voting processes. Participants in the token ecosystem use LABEL tokens when studying various lecture content or when investing directly in NFT IPs in the incubating system.

LABEL is set to release several ecosystem services, including Content Platform, the P2P Incubating System, and the NFT Market. In the LABEL ecosystem, LBL tokens are essential to ensure the accessibility and usefulness of expert lectures. LBL tokens have several more utility features closely linked to NFT use cases that will help them maintain their long-term value.


The first and main utility case for LBL tokens relates to the NFT Market, where users can purchase or sell their NFT IP (NFT Equity for IP) and Items (NFT items of famous artists). The NFT Market is scheduled to be released in beta mode by Q1 2022.


LABEL plans to introduce a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to reduce the role of the participation of the LABEL team in the future and to implement fully decentralized policy-making practices. LBL tokens can be staked in the DAO to receive VP (Voting Power) and to be able to participate in important voting proposals. Additioanlly, the DAO Fund will be released, that will also be operated by LBL token holders for the first time in Q1 2023. The DAO Funds will accumulate some of the staking rewards and revenue from LABEL's lecture content, incubating system, and NFT Market. The DAO Funds will be managed by the LBL holders who stake tokens when the network is sufficiently decentralized.


LBL token holders will be able to participate in LBL token staking from 2023 which will qualify them to receive compensation from the DAO Funds. The DAO will accumulate transaction fees for NFTs traded in the NFT Market, and further allow holders to participate in governance. The staking compensation rate will be set high enough to induce user growth, but will gradually decrease as the LABEL ecosystem expands and the number of LBL token holders increases.

LBL token utilities, including Payment, Governance, and Staking, can be found in more detail on the next page.

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