Music-Fi Elements

All you need to know about Learn & Earn

Genesis Headphone Box

Headphone Box is one of the main NFTs in LABEL Foundation’s ecosystem containing 10,000 NFT Headphones issued in the genesis minting period. Overall, 3 types of Headphone Boxes will be available:
  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
Uncommon and Rare Headphone Boxes have higher chances to contain better headphone NFTs with a greater grade of the box. The grade is the characteristics of the Headphones that directly contribute to the ability to earn more tokens (there are 5 grades). The Genesis Headphone Box will be on pre-sale in November and December at LABEL's NFT Marketplace ( and secondary NFT Marketplaces. Once the Headphone Box is received it then should be transferred to the In-App wallet on TRACKS.

Headphone NFT

Headphones serve as a dedicated NFT for TRACKS listeners, users can earn tokens and receive mystery boxes while listening to music with them. Each Headphone NFT has its own characteristics which are described below in detail.
A. Attributes Efficiency: Earning BLB The efficiency of the Headphones is directly related to the number of $BLB tokens that can be earned while interacting with the Listen-and-Earn mechanism. The higher the Headphone attribute, the greater the number of $BLB tokens accumulated per energy consumed.
✅Luck: Lucky Boxes
Luck determines how often boxes with exclusive NFTs will drop to a user.
✅Convenience: Update Coming Soon
✅Battery Power: Battery Level/Battery Charge
The battery efficiency of the Headphone affects the rate at which the Headphone’s battery drains. The higher the battery efficiency, the slower the Headphone’s battery drains. Also, the higher the level or grade of the Headphones, the more expensive the battery charging cost. As the player uses the Headphones, the battery level decreases, and a penalty is issued during music playback based on the battery level of the Headphones.
B. Level
Players can spend $BLB tokens to level up their Headphones. Leveling up takes a certain amount of time to complete. $LBL tokens may be additionally charged depending on the level, and the number of tokens required increases as the level is higher. Upon leveling up, players gain additional attribute points based on their Headphone rating. (More details will be updated later.)
C. Mint
Updates Coming Soon

Stickers & Sticker Docks

Stickers: Players can unlock a Sticker Dock when their Headphones reach a certain level. Stickers help to improve a user’s headphones properties. Attaching a sticker of the same color to the unlocked Sticker Dock property can be leveled up. (More details will be updated later.)
Sticker Docks: There are 4 different colored sticker docks that match the sti cker types. Players can attach stickers to the dock and improve the properties of their Headphones. Each time the Headphones reach a certain level, one dock will be unlocked. The higher the dock’s rating, the more the properties of the inserted sticker will be improved. Players will be able to see the dock type before unlocking the dock, bu t will not be able to see the dock’s rating, which is determined by the Headphone’s rating. The probability of each dock by grade, which is determined by the grade of the Headphones, will be updated in the future.